Course Syllabus

Course Description 

The purpose of this course is to provide information and experience in using open educational resources (OER) in your teaching practice. We will discuss the concept of OER and open licenses. We will also provide plenty of practice in locating and sharing open educational resources. This is a 2-week online, asynchronous course and participants are expected to spend 10 hours to complete the course. This is a fully facilitated training that will produce an official certificate to the participants upon successful completion. 

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to

  • Describe the meaning of open educational resources.
  • Differentiate the concepts of open licensing, public domain, and all rights reserved copyrights.
  • Identify resources that are openly licensed or in public domain.
  • Distinguish the different types of Creative Commons licenses.
  • Find the open educational resources, and properly attribute their authors.
  • Mark their work with Creative Commons licenses.

Instructor Information

Boyoung Chae, Ph.D.

Policy Associate, Open Education and eLearning, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Office Email:

Monique Kovalenko

Co-instructor of How to Use Open Educational Resources training, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Office Email: 

Brook Bane

Co-instructor of How to Use Open Educational Resources training, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges


Grading Policy

  • You are responsible to check your own grade. Please click Grades from left navigation menu to see your grade.
  • Please check Announcement from left navigation. You will see the notification on the announcement board once I finish grading each assignment. For example, you will see my announcement saying “Assignment 5-1 has been graded. Please check your grade and let me know if you have any questions.” So, unless you see my note, do not worry about not seeing your grade.
  • This course is graded using a pass/fail system. No partial points are awarded for the assignments. You will receive either full marks or 0 for each submission. You will be allowed to resubmit the work endlessly as long as the original work is submitted within the due date.
  • There is no letter grade. Points will be earned upon the completion of each assignment.
  • You may ask and receive an extension on an assignment, only once during the training period. If you receive an extension on an assignment, the assignment can be turned in until the agreed upon time with no penalty.
  • All assignments are due before midnight on the deadline date.
  • You must complete all assignments on time to receive a Pass grade. All assignments are due on or BEFORE the scheduled due date and time.
  • If an emergency arises and you cannot submit the assignment on or before the due date, you MUST give notification to the instructor NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE the due date.

Grading Scale

  • Pass: 90 points or higher
  • Fail: Less than 90 points 

Rules for Communication

  • If you have any questions about the course, please post them to the Participant Lounge under Q&A (located at the bottom of the Modules page. Scroll all the way down). I'll be checking the forum frequently. If other class members know the answer to your question(s), they should feel free to respond. I prefer to communicate through the forum since it is important for the entire class to see all conversations related to course materials and activities. You will get a quicker response when you post a question to a forum as I check them more frequently than e-mail.
  • For questions of a more personal nature, you can email me using the Canvas inbox (Please click here to learn how to send a message to your instructor). If Canvas is not available or there is an emergency, please send email to I will respond to your email messages within 24 hours (Monday through Friday). So, for example; if you email me at 3 PM on Friday, I will respond before 3 PM on Monday.


Graded Tasks and Due Dates 

Course Summary:

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